10 Awesome Illustration Projects By Charlie Davis

Hello Learners, Today we are so exited! Because this is our first post on Nuovolearn. Today we will share – “10 awesome illustration Projects by Charlie Davis” for your illustration inspirations. Charlie Davis is Illustrator/Designer based in London.


Christmas – Zizzi 2015 

Christmas illustrations produced for Zizzi Italian restaurant. In this illustration tried to create a cosy & festive scene full of warmth and togetherness. Had a great time with these characters ! Click here for more details.


London’s Great Little Places 

This project looked to produce a map of London that revealed the hidden gems of the City. Heroing the smaller locations that a Londoner would appreciate rather than the iconic tourist destinations. Click here for more details.


Union Elementary (Da Vinci School) Murals

The whole idea was to bring to life the walls of the school by creating murals inspired by the renaissance period, along with the inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci ( as the school is named after the master himself!). Click here for more details.


Zizzi Spring Menu Illustration 2015

Bringing to life the sense of warmth and fun experienced being on the beach in summer! The idea was to create a landscape inspired by the Amalfi coastline with characters interacting with the ingredients in a playful way! Click here for more details.


Packaging – Coffee Illustration Labels

A range of illustrations produced for coffee packs. Each variant aimed to have it’s own personality that represented the flavour of the coffee blend. Pack designs/typography – Dunn & Co. Illustrations produced for – Joffrey’s Tea and Coffee company. Click here for more details


Packaging- Ginsters Reinterpretation

This project looked at reinterpreting an existing brand. The plan was to visualize Ginsters in a way that reinstated cornish heritage through characters. Click here for more details


Mother’s Day – Zizzi 

Illustrations produced for Italian restaurant Zizzi for Mother’s day. Illustrating a Mother being looked after and treated to a meal ( with the partner clearly making a hash of pouring the champagne!). Click here for more details.


Picture Book Scared Of What Could

Picture Book Scared Of What Could for self-written children’s picture book. Click here for more details.

Awesome Illustration (Romeo)

Awesome Illustration (Romeo) 

This is a Awesome Illustration. A commission to illustrate the tales of a much loved & mischievous cat. Click here for more details.


Typographic Map of Paris

It was a pleasure to work with ‘Great Little Place’ again for this piece . The idea was to capture some of the great locations of Paris through a mix of typography and illustration. Really enjoyed this one and had a great time figuring out the best way to illustrate each location! Click here for more details.

Source : Behance